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ici           [letzte Bearbeitung dieses Netzortes: 11.6. 02]

[Dies ist die aktuelle (Apr. 2001 bis Okt. 2001) Netzpräsenz der deutschsprachigen Nationalanarchisten. Es sind Ausweichseiten, da die nA-Domäne ( derzeit nicht bearbeitet (und nun auch nicht mehr besucht) werden kann.
Zuerst wurde am 7. Dezember 2000 von der Polizei der Rechner beschlagnahmt, auf dem sich die zur Bearbeitung nötige Datei befindet (zu Hausdurchsuchung und Kriminal-Ermittlungen siehe
hier; Stellungnahme zur Anzeige hier).
Dann sind - nachdem die Ermittlungen eingestellt wurden und der Prozeß kläglich gescheitert ist - am 12.4.02 die und auch der Netzort vom Provider Strato AG ganz und gar  stillgelegt worden: alles reiner  Zufall... Begründung: rechtswidriger Domain-Name (!), erotische, extremistische usw. Inhalte wird demnächst wieder überarbeitet im Netz sein mit neuen Positionen und Weiterentwicklungen  (Nationenbegriff, antideutsch, aber nicht antinational... siehe z.B.
Text von Flo). Anleitung zum Öffnen gesperrter Seiten. Techniken zur Umgehung von Internet-Zensur. Siehe und]

=> Die Netzseiten von Sleipnir, Zeitschrift für Kultur, Geschichte und Politik (www. sind von Freespeech skandalöserweise ohne Benachrichtigung und Kommentar abgestellt worden. Sleipnir wird hier als Gast beherbergt.<=

AUTO: -chthon & -nom
  nationalanarchistische Stromzeitschrift

Interview with Troy Southgate from National Anarchy, England
Troy Southgate:
Letter to Travas on National-Anarchism

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- & cut off !!

Only two days after the trial against peter töpfer because of the falun dafa symbol on the link pages of due to the absurd and ridiculous denunciation of lawyer christa parker failed pitiful, the national-anarchist site and also were taken from the www completely by the provider Strato AG - by pure chance... Since april 12th 2002 the web-site is no longer available. The provider Strato AG told ten days later that he canceled the contract without notice. His "grounds": illegal, extremist, erotical etc. contents (?!), illegal domain name (!?) and other stupidities.
Legal actions against Strato AG will be taken.
Still available yet is .
All addresses from also don't work anymore.


Trial against Peter Töpfer in Berlin

Because he put on his web-site a link to the persecuted religious community Falun Gong, using its symbol, Peter Töpfer was punished to 900 Euros. He refused to pay. He now has to appear in court: April 10th 2002, 9.30, Tribunal Berlin-Tiergarten, Turmstrasse 91, room A862 (3rd floor), Ref.: 280 Cs 1154/01.
One has to ask two simple questions:
1. Can the German state force a person to tell what he is thinking or to justify his opinion?
2. Can Germany claim the property of symbols that are ancient and belong to almost every human culture?
If these question really need to be discussed, a discussion has to take place without forcing a participant and not in a court room.


Falun Dafa (Falun Gong) is apparent object of political and religious persecution in contemporary Germany

On the 7th of December 2000, a group of about 7 or so police officers obtained entry by force into the apartment of Peter Töpfer.

Judge Schmidt of the Berlin criminal court ordered a search and seizure of the apartment rooms of Mr. Töpfer. He justified his decision by claiming that the state would be able to gather evidence regarding Mr. Töpfer's website at with regards to his responsibility for this website as well as for a link established between it and the website of the religious community Falun Dafa (cf., if it obtained access to the apartment rooms of Mr. Töpfer.

What the judge obviously overlooked was the apparent fact that a search and seizure action was totally unnecessary for the acquisition of the information the court claimed it was looking for. Due to an illiberal german law, internet providers are forced to deliver all log files and user dates to the police, at its request. The authorities simply needed to ask them to all the information. There was neither need nor reason to search Töpfer's home.

But although Mr. Töpfer admitted that he was responsible for both link and website, the police started their illegal search. At the end of the search, the police officers confiscated Mr. Töpfer's personal computer without giving any reason at all – whether convincing or not – for their action.

Given this situation, an average citizen can conclude that the state was interested in finding out something more than what it claimed to be investigating, namely whether Mr. Töpfer was responsible for the link in his website to Falun Dafa. By proceeding in the manner it did, however, the state has violated a series of fundamental human rights it does not attribute great value to: freedom of the press, freedom of conscience, the right to property, the right to privacy and the inviolability of one's home as well as the right to maintain one's human dignity. The state also violated sections of the criminal code and the criminal procedural law.

The police searched all the rooms of his apartment. During the search, Mr. Töpfer was detained in one of the other rooms and was unable to witness the search. Even the basement storage room was searched in his absence. Accompanying the police was a so-called "official witness" who was sent by the municipality of Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin to observe the search and seizure event.

We have organized a solidarity campaign and are asking for donations for the defense of Mr. Töpfer: Bank account of attorney Mr. Carsten Schrank: No. 0370223616 at Dresdner Bank Berlin (BLZ 100 800 00), code name "Solidarity Töpfer Falun". Bank account in the USA (Holder: Eugene Polonsky) Number: 0324804648, Bank of Amerika, Sunset Odgen Branch /Hollywood, ABA# : 122000661, same code name.

Anybody convinced of the injustice of these events can write to the criminal court at the following address: Amtsgericht Tiergarten, D-10548 Berlin, docket no. 353 Gs 5446/00 or he or she can send a fax to: +49-30-9014-2010.

Please distribute and disseminate this information.

Contact: Komitee Töpfer Falun, c/o VdF, Postfach 350264, D-10211
Berlin, Fax: +49-180-505255454419, Email: