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 letzte Aktualisierung: 30. Mai 2007

Nr. 23, März 2006
Rettet Amerika!
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Peter Töpfer

Letter To Gilad Atzmon on AUTO

Okay, Gilad,

You asked me if I can contribute some info about myself and my site.

Here we go:

I have been an editor of books and a magazine for several years. Since 1999 I issue an internet magazine called AUTO: -CHTHON & -NOM which means autochthonous and autonomous, briefly called AUTO which means self.

AUTO number 23 is entitled "Rettet Amerika!" (Save AmeriKa!) – for you with a big K so you know that it's the America we love and need, that we have to save.1 And you are part of the saving crew! Liberating the American People...

The current issue (number 22) of my magazine bears the title "Yes to the western values! We are the west!" So you see, the the campaign has been going on for a while and will continue...

Preparing AUTO number 23, I go with plenty of feeling right into the heart, that's why I’d like to open it up with your text...

The first picture is an album cover of a great band called “German-American friendship” from 1980. Maybe you have heard of them... The musician (the band is just one musician and one singer) lived a long time in London,  and later worked with Annie Lennox. The band’s name has many meanings… anyway, it’s quite fitting … And it’s a homage…

Announcing your text, I first take some of your words ("Roth is no doubt an astonishing writer but somehow he has always failed to convince me. I always had the feeling that Roth is just too aware of his enormous talent; something that made him slightly technical and pretentious at times. Being a prolific writer, Roth can be slightly impersonal to my taste and yet, in his latest book he is free from that. No literary imposed tactics or strategies can be traced. In his latest book, Roth is overwhelmingly personal. Astonishingly enough, the fictional reality he conveys is so convincing that I found myself totally captivated from beginning to end. So enthralled was I, that I even managed to forget how depressing the world is out there.")

Then, I take these words of yours: "Nowadays, when the American army is acting as an Israeli mission force in the Middle East, when Syria and Iran are just about to be flattened by Anglo-American might, it is rather clear what the real meaning of the ‘Plot Against America’ may be. The current plot isn’t just against America. It is a plot against humanity and human dignity ", before leaving the reader to your whole text, not forgetting to mention a CD of yours... which once again fits well... The whole text: hwoerung/atzmon_verschwoerung.html

Then, it's the turn to Israel Shamir with his text "For Whom The Bell Tolls" ( which my friend, poet and artist colleague and national-libertarian comrade Hanne Pfiz-Soderstrom translated. Earlier, she published on my site some beautiful pictures of Orgonon in Maine, USA – the place where one of the godfathers of national-anarchism lived: Wilhelm Reich.

Hanne lives in New York State visiting her beloved Maine some times, please see her beautiful "Dream Horse" which I added to a text of mine on Wilhelm Reich.
( ich.html)

Hanne is next to you in AUTO number 20, where I wrote about an anti-fascist Jew who demands freedom for Ernst Zündel... (You answered me later that you are no Jew, remember?)

Unfortunately, I cannot explain much of my punk natural-philosophical and bio-revisionist article on the myths of the reproductive instinct and the lie of the instinct of survival of the species. Briefly, I say there is only an instinct to make love, not to reproduce anything. This kind of reflection interests me much more (or at least somewhat more) than any political or historical stuff (look at the size of the two parts of this article...).

In the same issue number 20, there is a text of mine called “Eyes of Pure Love” on Harry Belafonte. This text is very important relating to the issue number 23 in which I want your reality check to appear...

Furthermore, I call to vote in German election for the “APPD” – a punk party (“pogo-anarchists”) whose slogan is: “Your vote for the trash can!”

In AUTO number 19, Hanne writes on “Love as Liberation”. Please see her illustration of my poem “Universe Opening” which I wish you could understand…

In AUTO issue 16, you have an article of a former nutsie who is quite known in Germany and now makes fun of nutsie ideology without becoming “politically correct” or without licking the arse of stupid judeophiles. He writes in the same issue about his experience of “the wonderful feeling of inner freedom” when he left the nutsie ghetto.

In the “photo novel” “ZZ-Top” I poke fun of the shown rationalism and the demand to doubt (Zweifel) everywhere whilst Ernst Zündel is in jail… I hate those idiots who speak of doubts, never doubting or questioning anything at all themselves, yet putting others into jail because they expressed doubts.


Look at Hanne’s prose poem “Desire and Fear” with her drawings. ( _und_schrecken.html)

One of my favourite topics is to attack free thinkers, rationalists etc., showing them how dim and limited they are and to poke fun at them. I am in the straight tradition with Julien Offray de la Mettrie, a French radical rationalist who mocked all the Encyclopaedics… In the end they killed him in Potsdam where he had  to find “refuge” under the “philosophical king” Frederic the Great: he was trapped by the free thinkers....
Here’s a text against so-called atheists of another author:

Here, I explain the term “normativism” and why I am against it ( ismus.html)

Hanne writes in AUTO number 14 about „Follow your bliss“ ( and shows drawings and prose about paradise.
( _bilder.html)

In AUTO number 15, I’m attacking the holocaust religion with chants and choirs of polish ice hockey supporters and hooligans from Sporting Club Oswiencim (Auschwitz), hoping the holocaust priests feel provoked to the max and are mad with rage.

As an introduction to my text “Death Nearness, Death, Hope and Fear” in AUTO 13, I am quoting John Cale from one of my favourite albums (“Music for a New Society”):

She was so afraid
Since her mother told her she was a failure
Then she heard choirs of angels
Spitting glory on her failure
Sure of what the world had offered a tired soul
From Istanbul to Leipzig
All so that it would be a stronger world
A strong, though loving, world
To die in.

I was born in Leipzig… city of the birth of holy Bach musiK in St. Thomas church… (

Hanne reports of an exposition „People of the Twentieth Century: August Sander's Photographic Portrait of Germany” in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. (

I announce the appearing of my translation of Roger Garaudy’s “Founding myths of Israel’s policy” on the web. I end with the slogan of basque national-anarchists: “We don’t solve problems, we generate them.”

In AUTO number 12 you see the national-anarchist manifesto with chapters called “spontaneous order – against organizational normativism”, “radical Enlightenment”, ”against humanistic religion”, “emancipatory trap Hegelianism” (one of many writings in which I criticize and attack Horst Mahler), “post-intellectualism”, ”radical individualism, radical communism”, “ultraresponsibility, ultraliberalism” etc.

Also in AUTO number 12, Troy Southgate writes on “Preparing the Collapse”.
( menbruch.html)

I am writing about “Jewry and Autism”. I was myself somewhat autistic, but it disappeared after doing primal therapy for more than 20 years now, beginning in 1985 at the Paris institute of Arthur Janov, author of “The Primal Scream”, and still undergoing therapy with a therapist I know from Paris, who is now also living in Berlin.

In number 12 I bring translations of Pierre Guillaume, publisher of Robert Faurisson’s writings since 1979 and friend of Serge Thion.

In the last years I have done many translations of Guillaume, Thion, Garaudy etc.

In another article, I am attacking right wing activists and remind them of who was the first revisionist: Paul Rassinier, communist, resistance fighter and inmate of Buchenwald.

IIn addition, I am publishing something I consider a death threat against me, saying in the 4th Reich I will be killed as an anarchist (

In AUTO number 11 I translate lyrics by Nelly Furtado (“Try”) (

I put out texts on anti-authoritarian and anti-imperialist tradition throughout German history and the two meanings “Reich” can have: a totalitarian meaning as well as a non-totalitarian, i.e. a democratic one.
(, h___anarchie.html)

Following that I write an anti-German manifesto: Germans are cowards and educated ancestors of old Germanic tribes, living uneducated in anarchy and matriarchy in the woods. This text is translated into four tribal languages, still spoken today (Swabian, Saxon etc.).

Still in AUTO number 11 you see a translation of Serge Thion’s article “>Just Peace<? Why Israel cannot work”. Serge says: “>Just Peace< is what the Jews think is correct.” Serge knows the Palestinian case and its cause very well. He was a scientist at the CNRS, traveled a lot all over the world, worked in Southeast Asia, Cambodia etc. and published books about it. The Gestapo made him lose his job at CNRS.
( ter_frieden.html)

Than, you have a translation of Pierre Guillaume’s “Role of the Jews in history” where he says that the Jews have won – like you, Gilad, saying “If we are being Judeified, we may as well take the best of Judaism rather than its supremacist brutality“, with which I totally agree, most of my heros being Jews (Janov, Reich, Dylan, Cohen…).
( _juden.html)

In AUTO number 10 I publish an excellent article by a law professor and former senator of justice in Bremen: “Anarchy as philosophical model of the liberal state under the rule of law”. I give it the title “Anarchy as Constitution of the 4th Reich”, referring to all outlines for the “constitutions of the 4th Reich” given by more or less authoritarian nationalists.

In number 10 there is an article by Robert Dun – anarchist, fighting in the Waffen-SS: “On Freedom and Slaves Chatting of Freedom”

I am writing an Open Letter to Osama bin Laden.

Also in number 10 I begin with a series of reports about the trial against Horst Mahler which took place in Berlin in 2004/05. The reports are widely spread in the Internet as a worldwide campaign to stop this trial. In my reports I am severely critical towards Mahler but don’t miss to express my assent where #in my view it is appropriate. I discuss the positions of Mahler in depth but insist vehemently on his freedom of speech. For this, I create a site Antideutsches Kolleg (Anti-German College), referring to Mahler’s Deutsches Kolleg (German College,

In AUTO number 9 I translate a very beautiful song into German: “Lost Unto This World”. The song is sung by Emmylou Harris and written by both Emmylou Harris and Daniel Lanois. Daniel Lanois is the producer of the album “Wrecking Ball” (“Wrecking Ball” is a song by Neil Young, another hero of mine, not Jew for once... He sings his own song backing vocals with Emmylou on this album). I like other productions of Daniel Lanois as well (for instance Dylan’s “Oh mercy”). This time, Daniel made an exception and wrote an unbelievable song together with his artist.

Still in number 9 (remember John Lennon’s number 9…), I write an article about Leo Tolstoy: „No end of lies, not even in death“ where I am saying that Leo Tolstoy was much more free than all the rest but still was a coward. It’s VERY hard to be free… I dedicate this article of “literary revisionism” to Robert Faurisson who worked a long time as a professor for French literature, beginning his career in revisionism as a literary revisionist, working on myths in French literature (Rimbaud, Lautréamont etc.) before being lead into historical revisionism by reading Paul Rassinier. Serge Thion wrote an excellent book on Faurisson’s career and the scandal around him later in the seventies until today. I published this book in Germany but it was suddenly forbidden… By chance and intelligence of my fellow publisher Andreas Röhler I did not go to prison.

I write a long article about the “Lie of Fatherhood”. Masculism! In matriarchy everybody’s free!
( rschaftsluege1.html)

Okay, Gilad, I could show you all the other numbers of AUTO… but let’s come back now to the issue of AUTO which I am preparing right now.
( rika.html):

As I mentioned above, following your text will be "For Whom The Bell Tolls" by Israel Shamir. In my introduction, I let Shamir say: “When an author of widely read and acclaimed books was snatched from a civilised country and jailed for having offended against the only enforced dogma of supposedly secular Europe, than the bell tolls for the west. Is the reign of freedom over which began with the fall of the Bastille?”

I show a historic picture of the Bastille together with some words of the Warshavyanka, the moving old polish freedom song.

Then follows a quotation of Bob Dylan’s writing on Harry Belafonte (taken out of “Chronicles, Volume One”, 2004). Dylan praises the personality of Belafonte to the skies. He somehow confirms what I felt when I saw Belafonte in a documentary – I was so moved that I had to write “Eyes of Pure Love” not knowing at all that Belafonte is a freedom fighter…

Then, I translate an interview with Belafonte on CNN where he makes a point in saying: “You know, one of the big problems that we have in this country is the inability to be honest and to be straightforward.”

Belafonte speaks of crimes committed by the US. I add to these crimes the fact that Germar Rudolf and Ernst Zündel were extradited directly into German prison cells and explain why this crime must  be put in one row with Vietnam, Chile and Iraq: It’s because of the great contribution of the US to mankind and the possibility of human freedom. “It’s a dirty rotten shame” (sometimes, words of Dylan Songs come to me) as to trait this holy will for freedom and to vomit on it. Thanks to Jefferson and Franklin we don’t sit yet in a train to the next concentration camp. But the airplanes are flying already all across the world to camps that WE DON’T KNOW (no Jefferson Airplane…).

The authentic liberal side of the US is invaluably important to us all. We need the spirit of the constitution.

Then, I am bringing a quotation by Bob Dylan where he confesses his deep and true sense of belonging to this very American culture, expressed by its folksongs.

I continue with Hoffmann, a national-libertarian poet who has written songs that became also true folksongs (especially for children). He was prosecuted in the 19th century and had to run from country to country. The German reader knows – I don’t have to say it – that in one refuge of his (on  the small island  of Helgoland, which means holy land) this libertarian wrote a Lied which became later the anthem of Germany. (But few Germans know that Hoffmann was a radical liberal.)
( rtikel.html)

Just  when writing on freedom and the gift that America gave to humanity which we have to preserve, a letter reached me from Ernst Zündel, imprisoned in Mannheim, Germany. I publish this letter because it is very important. It was just the text I needed for “Save America!” As if Zündel had known what I am occupied with, he praises  America in his letter and judges German anti-Americanism harshly.
( rtikel.html)

I answer Ernst Zündel that he kicks at an open door and that he doesn’t have to tell me these kind of things. I criticize him for not earlier having voiced these clear liberal statements towards his supporters, many of them anti-liberal authoritarian national-socialists. I felt always that he’s a liberal – so why didn’t he express his liberal mind in the past and used nutsie language? That was a big mistake. I tell Zündel that there has to be done something new, now that America is going to be lost. A new era of rationalism and Enlightenment has to come.
( endel/toepfer_an_zuendel.html)

Then back to Harry Belafonte and saying that we have strong and noble people on our side, something very encouraging. It’s these people, strong and full of integrity, that count. That is why the personal approach is so important (see the first lines of your book report). The New Enlightenment will be enlightenment, if you see what I mean…

Well, Gilad, will this do? Do you have an impression of me, my work and the site?

Please do feel free to show this letter to anyone at your discretion.



1  Gilad Atzmon’s latest CD is called “Musik” with a “k”, what means real music.



Gilad Atzmon on Philip Roth’s
“The Plot Against America”